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Prescription Aviator Glasses for Women in Canada

These stylish aviator glasses for women from Eyewear Canada are guaranteed stunners. Specially crafted from polished metal and acetate, their iconic double nose bridge shape makes a bold statement that no other kind of accessory can.

Our aviator glasses for women come in a variety of different colours, from sleek gunmetal touch-ups to retro bronze finishes. And that’s not all: To reinvent the classic aviator shape, we've also experimented with combinations of premium acetate, wooden touch-ups, and more. So what are you waiting for? When you match any of them with that special outfit you have, you can be confident that the sky’s the limit.

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What Are Aviator Sunglasses?

The earliest aviator sunglasses were introduced sometime during the Second World War. They had a teardrop shape and were meant to fully protect the pilot’s eyes by dipping below their cheeks. Over time, this style has undergone many changes and has evolved into different styles. From the earlier teardrop shape, aviators were soon being introduced in square shapes. This change took place because of improvements in technology and because modern flight suits and helmets required these changes. The new aviators were designed to properly fit under the helmet as well as a visor.

Women's Aviator Glasses at Eyewear Canada FAQs

Why were new aviator glasses’ shapes introduced?

The earlier teardrop-shaped aviators were not capable of fitting between the pilot’s headgear and so rectangular-shaped aviators were introduced to solve the problem. This means the modern aviators are now capable of providing full coverage of the eyes which until then was only possible in the teardrop style aviators.

When were new frame shapes of aviator sunglasses introduced?

There is no doubt the fact that pilots require superior eye coverage and at the same time, they required eyewear that could fit under their helmet visor. In the year 1958, a new shape was introduced in the form of navigator-style aviator sunglasses. About fifteen years later, another change took place to accommodate the need for military aviators.

Are new aviator glasses more durable?

The new aviator glasses were more durable and scratch-resistant as well as non-corrosive. They virtually guaranteed that the eyewear would last a lifetime. New and improved lens technology along with convex-shaped lenses made the modern aviators much more attractive and useful.

The navigator-style aviators were either square or rectangular and were designed to meet the greatest needs in military aviation.

Can you buy round aviator glasses?

Another style was also introduced in the form of round aviator glasses. These were designed for use by military submariners and had very unique lenses. They were designed to fit under a sailor’s gas mask in case of a fire in the submarine. This style was also to become popular after celebrities started to wear them.

What are the main aviator shape glasses?

Round aviators, square, and teardrop aviators are the three main types of aviator sunglasses. In addition, new styles were introduced for use by women wearers. These were designed to fit small faces and come with a fresh teardrop style.

How to wear your aviator glasses?

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing aviators is that you should know how to wear them. If you want to wear them for casual use, then you need to ensure that they fit the shape of your face and complement it. Try and pick a style that contrasts with the shape of your face. You can also pick a pair for more practical purposes. Aviator shades exude a sense of authority as well as competence. Thus, they are a great option for those who work in the outdoors and who are perhaps working as a law enforcement officer.

You can tell that your aviators fit your face well when they cover most of your eyebrows. Also, make sure that when you blink that your eyelashes do not touch the lenses. Finally, also make sure that the nose pads do not dig into or leave a dent on your nose when wearing the eyewear for a few hours.

Can I buy low-priced but good quality eyewear from Eyewear Canada?

Yes, it is a very good idea for you to buy low-priced but good-quality eyewear from EyewearCanada. it keeps its prices to a minimum because it manufactures its eyewear at its factor. It is therefore in a strong position to maintain quality while also ensuring that production costs are kept to a minimum. Also, it sells its eyewear directly to the customer via its online store. Thus, it does not have to pay any middlemen or distributors and can keep its prices to a minimum. In addition, it also does not have to pay for warehousing products, rent, or salaries and this is how it keeps its prices so low. Best of all, you can contact them through their online chat feature. A helpful and professional customer service executive will answer and respond to all your queries quickly and properly.