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Prescription Mountain Bike Glasses & Goggles Canada

Whether you are moving uphill on your bike or you are balancing your bike on a rugged mountain slope, you need a quality pair of mountain bike sunglasses that prevent dirt and dust from entering your eyes. At Eyewear Canada, you can buy from a wide range of ultra-modern mountain bike glasses available at an affordable price. We have created the designs of our MTB sunglasses considering the comfort and safety of the bikers. If you are prescribed to wear sunglasses, then we can perfectly customize prescription mountain bike glasses that protect your eyes and allows you to ride without compromising

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Whether you're on that uphill climb, cruising the downhill, about to tackle that gnarly jump, or if you're just looking for a quality pair of sunglasses to keep the dirt out of your eyes, we’ve got what you're looking for. All our mountain biking sunglasses are built for your comfort and absolute safety, giving you the ability to ride the way you want.


When shopping for your sunglasses, style and function go hand in hand. First, consider the type of material both your frames and lenses are made of. For frames, look for sports material such as a TR-90 nylon. The material is lightweight, durable, and can take a beating without giving out.

For lenses, polycarbonate is best. Glass is nice, but it weighs more and can shatter. Polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant for those times when you go for a tumble.

Last, a frame with rubberized nose pads and temples is an added plus. The material lends itself to all-day wear and gets tackier as you sweat to maintain optical alignment when you face the terrain head on.


Sunglasses should make your ride smoother. But sometimes, you need glasses to see. Combine the benefits of sunglasses with the power of your prescription. When you shop with us, you’ll find video guides and tooltips throughout with answers to all your questions. Even an expert is just a click away. contact us, and you’ll be in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians who can help you build your custom order.

Filling out your prescription is easy with us, too. At checkout, you can fax, email, or upload your up-to-date prescription. Don’t have it ready? Do it later. We’ll send a reminder so you can get your prescription sunglasses as soon as possible.

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Prescription Motorcycle Riding Glasses and Goggles FAQs

Prescription mountain bike sunglasses are special glasses made for riders who need to correct their vision. These sunglasses have the features of high-performance headwear and the advantages of prescription lenses. This means that bikers can see clearly even when they are riding in difficult weather conditions.
Mountain bike sunglasses fit the needs of individual riders. This means that riders can see clearly without worrying about bright conditions. A good pair also has anti-fog and UV protection coatings on the lenses, which are important for keeping your vision clear and your eyes healthy during tough rides.
Yes, many mountain bike sunglasses come with different colors for the lenses so they can be used in a variety of lighting situations. When there isn't much light or it's cloudy, clear lenses are best, but coloured or mirrored lenses are best for bright sunlight and reducing glare. Some sunglasses even have lenses that can be switched out, so you can adapt to different conditions.
Prescription mountain bike glasses are made with comfort in mind. They are made of materials that are light and sturdy, have nose pads that can be adjusted, and have comfortable designs that keep them in place during long rides. Many types also have nose grips and temple tips that don't slip, so they won't fall off even in tough weather.
Yes, prescription mountain bike glasses are made just for you and your prescription. You'll need to give your prescription information, such as the sphere, cylinder, and axis values. This makes sure that the lenses are made exactly the way you need them to be, so you can enjoy the trails with clear vision.
Professional bike riders, as well as recreational riders, need to use the best protective equipment to enjoy a satisfying and safe ride. Mountain bikers know that the right pair of mountain bike sunglasses can make a world of difference to their riding experience. Read on if you want to know how you can find the best sports sunglasses for your next mountain bike ride.

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