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Prescription Sports Glasses For Kids

We offer a full line of kids prescription sports glasses and sports goggles to protect your kids from age 6-teens. We carry a wide range of colors, styles and fits so you can feel confident their eyes will be protected in whatever sport they play. Many designs offer a convenient glasses to goggles kit you can add on which will help your specs stay comfortably in place even during high impact sports. Traditional wrap-around lenses often cause distortion and blurry vision on the side of the lenses. All frames come standard with clear lenses. optional tinted, polarized and transitions lenses available with 100% UV protection. Prescription sports glasses for men, and women are also available!

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Kids Prescription Sports Glasses in Canada

Most parents are aware of the falls and scrapes involved in playing sports but do you know this? According to Prevent Blindness America, there are over 40,000 sports related eye injuries reported in the United States each year. That is why many sports clubs will no longer allow people to participate in certain activities without proper eye protection.

Eyewear Canada offers an array of prescription sports glasses to suit practically every sport and every child’s vision requirements. Developed with durability and high resistance to impact shattering, kids can be the athlete they strive to be without injuring their eyes or their vision.

Prescription sports goggles or any style of prescription sports glasses were once, hardly ever seen on athletes. However, as competitive sports increasingly expand, (especially at the youth level) sports goggles have almost become a symbol of safety and health awareness. Basketball, football, baseball, soccer, volleyball…These are all sports that our goggles engineers have carefully crafted protective eye gear for. We don’t believe in one size fits all. Our sports goggles are tailored made to your prescription so that your goggles or sports glasses are as unique as the super star athlete wearing them.

Our prescription sports glasses are available in a wide range of various colors and designs so that kids can show their individual sense of fashion. They can run across the field with sports goggles that not only meet the highest standards for protection but are also trendy in style.

Browse over our selection of prescription sports goggles and prescription sports glasses today and watch your super stars achieve greatness!

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