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Prescription Cycling Sunglasses & Glasses Canada

Cycling glasses protect your eyes from dust and harmful UV rays while you’re riding your bike. Prescription cycling sunglasses increase contrast values to help you easily see potholes, rocks, and other road obstructions. At Eyewear Canada, you’ll find the highest-quality cycling glasses made in stylish wrap-around designs. Plus, our cycling sunglasses come with five interchangeable lenses that you can adjust according to weather conditions. Eyewear Canada has certified & polarized cycling sunglasses that help you enjoy the ride.

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Transform your everyday ride into a limit-pushing adventure with sunglasses designed to optimize your cycling experience. While an average pair of sunglasses provide UV protection, they also squeeze your temples, slip when you sweat, and fog up. Cycling sunglasses have performance features to alleviate cyclist-specific afflictions and maximize your potential.


The frame material should be sturdy, yet lightweight, so as not to feel heavy on your face. Cycling frames also have a wraparound design for ultimate side coverage and grip in the temples and nose pad for a non-slip fit, even as you sweat.

You’ll want to steer clear of polarized lenses because they throw off your depth perception. Instead, opt for a rose or copper tinted lens to enhance colour and contrast and keep your surroundings light.


Our expert, in-house opticians specialize in sports frames and look forward to choosing the best cycling sunglasses each year. So instead of scouring the internet for top performers, you can find the Prescription Cycling Sunglasses right here!

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Blog Posts on Cycling Sunglasses

Look Good in Cycling Sunglasses

Look Good in Cycling Sunglasses

As a cyclist, your attire would be incomplete without a pair of cycling sunglasses. As the weather becomes conducive to cycling, it is time to enjoy the sunshine. The right kit will help you enjoy yourself and a pair of cycling goggles are an essential part of every such kit. For many people, owning a cool pair of goggles is very desirable. However, there are other considerations that you should look at including fit and visibility as well as protection. Here is a look at how you can look good in cycling goggles.

A Guide to Choosing Your Cycling Sunglasses

A Guide to Choosing Your Cycling Sunglasses

Whether you are a regular cyclist or one that cycles occasionally, it makes sense for you to understand the value of wearing cycling sunglasses. When you ride your cycle, your eyes are confronted with bees and flies and with dust and dirt. When riding at speed, you want to make sure that no harm comes to your eyes. Other than this, it is important to protect your eyes against the dangerous UV rays of the sun.

Prescription Cycling Glasses Canada FAQs

A wide variety of prescription cycling sunglasses are available these days, but it's crucial to verify with the online seller to be sure your preferred sports sunglasses are suitable for your vision needs. Before buying sports goggles, it is advisable to verify compatibility because some models may have restrictions on the size or curve of the lenses.
You require a current prescription from an optician or eye doctor to purchase corrective lenses for your sports goggles. Schedule a vision test to determine your current eyesight. A sphere (for nearsightedness or farsightedness), a cylinder (for astigmatism), and other pertinent dimensions should be included in your prescription information. You must provide your prescription to your online store to get your lenses adjusted after you have bought them.
Yes, transitional or photochromic lenses are available in prescription cycling sunglasses. Depending on the UV light intensity you are encountering on your ride, these lenses automatically change their tint, becoming darker in strong light and brighter in low light. Cycling is made easier by transition lenses' ability to adjust to shifting lighting conditions without requiring the wearer to change their sunglasses or lenses.
Orthodontic inserts, which are separate lenses that may be fitted behind the primary lens of the sports sunglasses, are an option for some cycling sunglasses. You can easily switch your orthodontic inserts according to changing light conditions—tinted lenses for bright days and clear lenses for low-light situations. To find out if the sports sunglasses won't have a power insert option, check with the online seller.
For your sports sunglasses, you may obtain prescription lenses with polarizing lenses. To lessen glare from reflecting surfaces like water, snow, and highways, polarized sports goggles can be used. It considerably enhances visual clarity and comfort, especially on bright sunny days, by reducing glare that wears out the eyes.
When riding, different lens colours serve various functions. For instance, grey or green lenses offer a natural impression of colour and are appropriate for most lighting situations. Lenses that are brown or amber improve contrast and are excellent for varying lighting situations. When cycling in poor light or at night, yellow or clear lenses are frequently selected as they provide the most brightness and clarity. Choose a lens colour for your sports goggles that works for you after taking into account your regular cycling circumstances.
Yes, anti-fog coatings may be added to prescription cycling sunglasses to stop them from fogging up while riding. Even while you're perspiring or riding in wet weather, these coatings prevent condensation from forming on the lens surface, guaranteeing clear vision. When pedalling your cycle intensely or for extended periods, an anti-fog coating is a very useful option.

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