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Eyewear Canada is a professional online optical store, and we offer high-quality prescription safety glasses, bifocal safety glasses, polarized safety glasses, anti-fog, and more. Enjoy low prices and buy now!

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We use our eyes in virtually every activity we engage in. With our eyes being so important, we have a responsibility to keep them protected, especially while engaging in dangerous work or activities that put our eyes at risk. ANSI certified safety glasses and sunglasses are designed by top brands to do just that. Whether you need stylish safety glasses for indoor eye protection, or cool safety sunglasses that will protect your eyes from flying projectiles while also protecting your eyes from dangerous UV rays, you can find the ultimate eye protection for your needs.

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Need prescription safety glasses, but not sure which ones to get? Check out the extensive line of customizable safety sunglasses on our website, or call one of our friendly opticians who will be more than happy to help you find the perfect pair of prescription safety glasses for your specific situation

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FAQs on Prescription Safety Glasses at Eyewear Canada

Buying prescription safety glasses online makes sense. Just like you shop online for shoes and groceries as well as other things, you should also consider shopping online for your safety glasses with prescription online. Doing so ensures that you are going to save money and time and you can also find the best pair with minimum fuss. Depending on which website you use, you will order your eyewear online in different ways. The important thing for you is to pick the right frame and colour. After that, you can choose the lenses.
After reaching a certain age, your eyes will start ageing and will perhaps even develop presbyopia or some other eye problem. If you are not able to focus, and if you work in a place where there are dangers to the safety of your eyes, then it is time for you to wear bifocal prescription safety glasses, especially if you have multiple vision problems. When we age, our muscle fibres develop issues around the eyes that make it hard for our eyes to focus on objects. If your job requires you to read while working, then not being able to focus on reading matters becomes a real problem.
Most people who wear prescription glasses think that there is no need to buy and wear prescription safety glasses. They think that their regular spectacles will do the job of protecting their eyes. However, they are wrong because your regular glasses are not designed and nor are they meant to protect your eyes. You need glasses that are specially designed to protect your eyes and which will help to prevent eye injuries. The right pair won’t break easily and has enough strength to withstand high impacts.
It is not only a good idea to learn why safety glasses are a good idea but you also need to know what prescription safety eyewear is right for your needs. It pays to take a closer look at the reasons for wearing the right protective eyewear. Certain factors need to be addressed such as certification of the glasses, common safety hazards as well as the activity you are going to perform. Once you get a pair that has all these three factors, you can safely assume that they will suit your needs.
If you have multiple vision problems, do not rely on multiple pairs to help you see clearly at different distances. Instead, you should choose safety glasses with progressive lenses. These eyewear items will not only help you see clearly at all times but will also protect your eyes against injuries. Progressive lenses combine functionality with aesthetics and will ensure crystal clear vision – no matter what the distance to the object you are viewing is. Wearing protective eyewear with progressive lenses is beneficial in many ways.
If you are one of the millions of Americans that wear prescription glasses, then you seriously need to learn how to find the right safety glasses with prescription lenses. You may also be one of the many who work in a workplace where there are eye hazards present. For you, the right kind of protective prescription eyewear is a must. Failure to wear such protection can lead to an unwanted and potentially dangerous (if not life-threatening) eye injury.
Judiciously using the Internet has many benefits. You can go online these days to buy just about everything including an affordable pair of RX safety glasses. Whether you look at a big online seller or even if you choose one that is reputable like the one called, you have many options available to you. Buying your eyewear from an online store these days is not only recommended but is also more cost-beneficial and you can get your best eyewear delivered to you at your home in next to no time. Best of all, you save money and yet can buy quality eyewear.
Do you perform work in a place where there are eye hazards? Are you worried you could injure your eyes? If you do not protect your eyes, you could easily suffer an eye injury. The best way to avoid eye injuries is by wearing prescription transition safety glasses. These eyewear items are ideal for those who have vision problems and who perform dangerous jobs. If you often move from the indoors to the outdoors, then you should use lenses that automatically adjust to prevailing light conditions. Transitions are the answer.
If you have not thought about using RX safety goggles, now is the time to find out why they are such an essential tool that helps to help protect your eyes. If you are working in an environment where you need to wear protective eyewear, then eye protection should be your primary focus. Ordinary glasses are not a solution because their frames are not built to withstand high impacts at work and home. Another reason why they are not a good option is that they do not adequately cover your eyes and hence cannot offer suitable protection.
Prescription safety glasses play a very important role in protecting your eyes against various eye hazards. You should wear them at your workplace and at job sites as well as at home. You need to wear them anywhere where there are eye hazards present. When the time comes to choose your next pair, you should learn more about the reasons to buy OSHA approved eyeglasses. OSHA does not itself approve the safety eyewear, and it also does not create any safety standards.
More and more occupations in the US are placing employees in danger when they have to operate dangerous machinery or materials. For a long time, the US did not have any standards of safety that required companies to ensure that the safety of their employees was not compromised in any way. These employees needed to wear the right kind of personal protective equipment and among other items, OSHA prescription safety glasses are a necessity. Faced with worrisome statistics, the US Congress in 1970 enacted some safety laws.