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Prescription Motorcycle Riding Glasses and Goggles

Make a statement wearing our perfectly designed prescription motorcycle glasses as you cut through the wind on your ride. Eyewear Canada provides an excellent range of prescription motorcycle riding glasses to keep your eyes protected from blazing sunbeams, harmful UV rays, harsh wind, and other riding elements. Whether you ride a sports bike or chopper, wear an open-faced helmet or a full shield helmet, we’ve got you covered with the prescription motorcycle sunglasses that best suit your needs. Enjoy riding with clear vision!

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Speed down the highway while wearing motorcycle sunglasses or motorcycle goggles fit for any bike, complements of Eyewear Canada. Shop the wide variety of motorcycle sunglasses and motorcycle goggles online and you'll get just what you're looking for to accompany your rides down the highway.

Make sure you're protected out on the open road with 100% UV protection and sunglass compatibility for whatever type of rider you are, from open-faced helmets to full shield helmets, we've got you covered with prescription eyewear to suit your needs. Check out our blog for a full guide on what to look for in the best motorcycle sunglasses or prescription motorcycle sunglasses.


Need a new pair of prescription motorcycle sunglasses or motorcycle goggles so you have the best vision possible out on the road? Our sports opticians can fit any prescription in virtually any frame and will gladly custom-tailor your new motorcycle glasses for your specific vision and riding needs. We're experts in all things prescription sunglasses, and motorcycle sunglasses are no exception. Shop our collection of motorcycle sunglasses online at Eyewear Canada or call one of our friendly opticians, so you can get everything you wanted and more out of your Eyewear Canada purchase.

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Prescription Motorcycle Goggles Canada FAQs

Motorcycle goggles keep wind, dust, dirt, bugs, and other things that can be kicked up by the front tire out of a motorcyclist's eyes. They also make it easier to see and cut down on glare, which is important for safety.
There are many different kinds of motorcycle glasses, and each has its own benefits. Some of the most popular types of glasses for motorbikes are full-face goggles which are the safest kind of goggles for riding a motorcycle. They cover the eyes as a whole. Half-face goggles cover the lower part of the face as well as the eyes. Open-face goggles are the least safe type of bike helmet because they only protect your eyes.
When shopping for motorcycle sunglasses, there are a few things to look for: First, look for impact resistance. The sunglasses should be made of a strong material, like plastic, that can take a hit. The lenses should be made of a material that cuts down on glare and blocks UV rays. The sunglasses should be a tight fit on your head so they don't fog up.
So that dirt and other things don't get stuck in them, motorcycle glasses should be cleaned often. You can wash them with water and a small amount of mild soap. Before you put them away, make sure they are completely dry.
You can buy motorcycle goggles in many places, such as motorcycle shops, sports stores, and online shops. We recommend that you shop for them at as they offer the lowest prices and best quality of eyewear.

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