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Cat Eye Sunglasses Canada

Get in on the cat eye trend. We make it easy and affordable. Our cat eye sunglasses are the perfect choice if you’re looking for an angular frame shape in an iconic design. You can enjoy this retro style updated for today and available at low prices. It’s important to know that every pair of our Rx sunglass lenses comes with 100% UV protection. So you can spend time outdoors more comfortably and safely. Choose a cat eye frame with a bold look or opt for one with softer lines. Find your cat-eye style sunglasses featuring a classic black frame, or go with a frame that shares appealing shade transitions. We offer our clear or tinted lenses and frames for one low price, starting at only $39. That means you get a complete pair of high quality prescription sunglasses at an incredible value. Lightweight plastic frames, like our cat eyes in round or oval shapes, take you from day to night in style. You can also choose a frame with just a touch of cat eye influence for a less dramatic effect. At EyewearCanada, you can select trendy glasses that bring a smile to your face. Cat Eye Glasses are also available at Eyewear Canada!

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Choose Your Favorite Prescription Cat Eye Sunglasses Online at Eyewear Canada

The fashion statement of the 1950s is back and has been newly imagined to highlight a variety of face shapes. We offer quality cat eye shades for women and men. Our selection includes more feminine versions of this women’s sunglasses trend. You’ll find exciting takes on the look here, like our tortoiseshell frames. When a day outdoors calls for a sassy style, a pair of cat eye glasses is ideal. The lighter weight plastic materials used to create our cat eye prescription sunglasses pair up perfectly with our light and thin lenses. Since sunglasses are used every day for driving and outdoor activities, every pair we craft comes with scratch-resistant coatings. Order today and we’ll get them on the way fast, backed by our worry-free guarantee!

A Brief Look at Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses exude the retro vibe and are currently all the rage as they make you look more attractive. Today, everyone wants to look more unique as well as classy and these cat eye glasses are perfect because they make it possible for you to achieve your objectives. They have an upswept outer edge while the temples join the frame at its front portion. When you wear these sunglasses, you will certainly look very chic and sophisticated.

Cat eye sunglasses are unique

There is no doubting the fact that cat eye sunglasses are very unique. They do however share some similarities with the brow line sunglasses in that they have a similar design but the cat eye frames have an upswept outside border which distinguishes them from other frame types. What’s more, there are many variations of the cat eye frame and the plain truth is that the people that make these sunglasses have incorporated many distinct styles. So, you can easily find a retro-chic version or you can go with the more traditional-style cat eye frames. They have come a long way since they were first introduced in the thirties. Today, they make you look very feline as new variations are being introduced that are very attractive and feminine.、

Cat eye sunglasses are very popular

Cat eye sunglasses are very popular and this is because of the many available variations. No longer do you have to settle for the bug-eye frames that were so popular in the seventies? They are also popular because they uplift your face and they make you look more stylish. If you want to draw attention to your eyes, then these are the best frames for that purpose. Secondly, they suit most facial structures. The cat eye design relies on sharp angles and hence will look especially good on people with round or oval faces. They are also available in many styles and so, you do not have to settle for just one frame type. Each frame type has its distinct style and will make you look stunning as well as sophisticated.

Who should wear cat eye sunglasses?

Cat eye sunglasses can be worn by almost everyone. However, if you have an oval face then you are in luck because this frame shape suits this kind of face very well. They are also good for people with round faces as they help to soften the jawline and they make your facial features look sharper. Cat eye frames also look good on people with heart-shaped faces. In addition, they also suit those with a square face as they make them look sharp as well as unique.

When the time comes to shop for cat eye sunglasses, you should opt to buy them online. This is because online stores offer more variety and their prices are also lower than the best regular store. is a great place to shop online for these sunglasses. They have an excellent selection of cat eye sunglasses for men and they also stock some very attractive cat eye sunglasses for women. Their selection is wide and their prices are low while their eyewear is of very high quality. So, be sure to check them out.

FAQs on Cat Eye Sunglasses at Eyewear Canada

Cat eye sunglasses are a type of sunglasses that have a distinctive shape that resembles a cat's eye. The frames are typically wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, with a sloping curve that follows the shape of the eye.
Cat eye sunglasses can be worn by people of all ages and face shapes. However, they are particularly flattering for people with round or oval faces.
Cat eye sunglasses are available at most online retailers. is an online retailer of some repute selling high-quality sunglasses at very low and affordable prices.
The cost of cat eye sunglasses varies depending on various factors like brand, material and style. However, you can typically find a pair of cat eye sunglasses for a very low and affordable price when you shop for them online at
Cat eye sunglasses offer several benefits, including:

  1. Protection from the sun's harmful UV rays
  2. Fashionable and stylish
  3. Can help to accentuate your features