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Shop for fashionable and affordable women's glasses at Eyewear Canada. Our selection of prescription eyeglasses for women can accommodate any woman's style or face shape, so you feel confident with the pair you choose. Browse women's eyeglasses for your perfect pair now. Besides Prescription Glasses for Women, Eyewear Canada also offers prescription eyeglasses for men, and kids

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Best Prescription Women's Eyeglasses Online

WOMEN'S EYEGLASSES: Check out our unique collection of modern eyewear. See over 250 fashionable frames in many patterns, shapes, and functional ability. Look professional at the office, while looking attractive and comfortable out shopping or running errands with the family, or your BFF. Dressy enough for your date nights, graceful enough to soften your complexion in any situation. Make a splash at the pool in our designer shades or order your frame choice with a transitional lens to go easily from day to night or sunshine to shadows. Get designer women's eyeglasses from, the online source for Women's Eyeglasses, prescription lenses for women, and sunglasses at discount prices.

How to Buy Women's Glasses?

When choosing women's glasses, you need to be careful about what you choose. With so many different types of glasses to choose from, you could easily become overwhelmed and make the wrong decision. That is why you need to understand the finer points about choosing the right pair. There are different types of frames that you will have to pick from. From square to round to oval, there are all types of frames shapes available to you. The best course of action is for you to choose a frame shape that contrasts with the shape of your face.

Choose women's eyeglasses that suit your face

Thus, if you have a square chin or if your face is boxy, then you need to choose rounded frames. On the other hand, women with round faces should go with square frames or rectangular frames. Women with oval faces will have no problem finding the right frame shape because such a face goes well with most frame shapes. If you have a long face, then you need to go with large frames and if your face is small, then go with short frames. One option available to every woman is to buy rimless women's glasses as they work fine for all women.

Frame color

The next thing women should look for in their eyewear is the right frame colour. Again, it helps if you pick a colour that contrasts with the colour of your skin or eyes, or hair. If you have an alabaster complexion, then go with bright frames or dark frames. If you have dark skin, then you should go with a pale-coloured frame or with neutral-coloured frames. Women that look bright or youthful in a particular coloured frame should go ahead and choose that colour. However, the rule of thumb is to first look at the complexion you have. Is it warm or cool? Depending on that you can pick a frame colour that contrasts with the colour of your skin.

Comfortable frames are a must

The third thing about choosing women's glasses is that comfort should be an important concern for every woman. There is after all no sense in buying a pair that is not comfortable to wear – no matter how attractive it is. So, make sure that your frames are large enough to not cause indentations in the side of your face and they should also not be too narrow. For help in choosing the right size, you can consult with an optician or eyewear specialist.

A perfect fit

Fourthly, when choosing women's eyeglasses, you need to ensure that they fit your face perfectly. The best way to ensure a perfect fit is by choosing lenses that allow your eyes to fall dead center in the lenses. The frames should also just extend a little bit beyond the edge of your face.

Prescription glasses for women

Another thing that you need to be concerned about is choosing the right women's prescription glasses. This is especially important for women with poor vision. Be sure to check that your frames can accommodate the lenses and that you have your latest prescription and PD measurement on hand when ordering your glasses online.

If you are a woman that wants to look bold, then you need to choose bold women's eyeglasses. On the other hand, if you do not want to highlight your eyewear, then you should go with rimless glasses. Also, choose glasses for women that work well in the conditions in which you are going to wear them. For example, if you have to work at night, then you need to choose different pairs as compared with working in a brightly lit office. The bottom line is that when choosing women's eyewear, you need to take your time choosing the right pair. Just like you are very particular about finding a partner in life or choosing your wedding dress, so too, when choosing glasses for women, you need to be very choosy and careful.

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Women's Prescription Glasses Canada FAQs

What measurements do I need when ordering women’s glasses online?

There is more to buying the right eyeglasses for women than just a good style. Women also need to choose frames that fit their faces perfectly. So, when identifying the right pair, you need to factor in things like the width of the lenses, the width of the bridge and the length of the temple arms. If you can find a pair that has these measurements to fit the size of your face, you will be able to pick the best feminine eyeglasses online.

How do I buy the perfect pair of women’s glasses online?

When you buy women’s eyeglasses online you need to look at certain things. One of these is that you need to enjoy a perfect shopping experience. This is only possible if you shop at an online store that has the best style selection and which offers extra fast delivery. You also need to shop online at a store that has the widest selection of high-quality eyewear.

Is it a good idea to buy women’s eyewear online?

There are several advantages to buying your women’s eyewear online. First of all, you have more frames to choose from and second, these will cost you less than what the best retail store can offer. Also, you can shop online for your eyewear at your convenience and at any time of the day or night. So, yes it does pay to shop online for your eyewear.

Is a good place to shop online for women’s prescription glasses? has earned an envious reputation for selling good quality eyewear at rock-bottom prices. Also, it has excellent customer service and you can chat with them online to resolve all your problems. So, yes, it is a good site to buy your next pair of eyewear here.

Can I save money when shopping online for women’s eyeglasses??

You can save a considerable amount of money when you shop online for your women’s prescription eyeglasses. The average cost of eyewear bought at a regular store is hundreds of dollars but when you shop online for the same pair, you pay only a fraction of that price. So, yes, you can save considerable sums of money by shopping online.

Are the low prices charged by Eyewear Canada true?

Eyewear Canada indeed charges a very small amount of money for its high-quality eyewear. This is because it makes its glasses and does not have to source them from any third party. Thus, not only does it not incur any major costs but also it does not have to pay expenses that regular stores have to pay. In this way, it can keep its prices very low. So, it can offer steep discounts on its quality eyewear and passes on all the benefits of not having to pay warehousing costs, rents, and employee salaries to its customers.

How do I buy women's prescription glasses?

The first thing you need to do is find a suitable frame that can accommodate your prescription lenses. Next, you can customize your eyewear with either single vision or multi-vision lenses, and then you can add lens embellishments. Just make sure that you pick a frame design that accommodates your prescription lens strength. That is all there is to buying women's prescription glasses online.

What is the best women's eyeglasses frames style?

The best frame style for women's eyewear is neutral metal or plastic frames. Make sure that these frames have a black or gold or silver or grey colour as then you can wear your frames with most items of attire in your wardrobe. Women's prescription eyewear should also have colourful accent frames that match or contrast with their attire to help create an eye-popping impression on others

What trendy women's eyewear items are style these days?

The trendiest women's eyewear these days include round glasses, wayfarer glasses, and cat-eye eyeglasses.

How do I find the right women's glasses for my face?

There are several things that you need to consider when choosing women's glasses. For one, you need to find the right frame size. You also need to choose frames that suit your lifestyle. Most importantly, you need to choose glasses that flatter your face. Also, choose a pair after assessing its main features. Each frame is designed uniquely. So, pick one that is made from the right material and designed according to your needs