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Don't let poor vision hold you back from giving it all on the field. Get a pair of soccer glasses or sports goggles, so you can play your best to the final whistle. We have today's top brands from ProGear, Under Armour, Wiley X, and many more, so you can have your pick of the best sports goggles right here.


Need prescription soccer goggles or prescription soccer sunglasses? Find the top lenses and top frames, so you can feel safe knowing you're getting the best prescription sports eyewear here at Eyewear Canada. Shop our collection of prescription sports glasses and soccer glasses online at Eyewear Canada, or ask one of our in-house opticians if you have any questions about prescription sports eyewear.

We're here to answer any questions you have about your new prescription soccer sunglasses or any questions about prescription glasses. All of these factors are why you can feel comfortable knowing you can get everything you want and more here at Eyewear Canada!

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Soccer Glasses Canada FAQs

Soccer glasses are a sort of eye protection used to keep the eyes safe from harm while playing the game. Typically, they have an impact-resistant plastic frame and lenses. To lessen fogging, football glasses could additionally contain a ventilation system.
Soccer is a sport that moves quickly and can be hazardous to the eyes. The chance of being struck by the ball, a boot, or the head of another player exists due to the continual movement of the players. Eye injuries of this nature can be prevented with the aid of football eye protection.
Sports glasses have several advantages, including the fact that they can aid in protecting the eyes from harm caused by the ball, footwear or other players. They also ensure improved eyesight by preventing dust, dirt, and other particles from entering your eyes. Soccer glasses can aid in improving vision. Finally, they are also very comfortable. This kind of eyewear should not restrict vision or mobility and should be pleasant to wear.
When choosing soccer glasses, there are a few factors to consider: Football eyewear should fit comfortably but not too firmly. During play, they shouldn't move or fall off. Impact-resistant lenses should be used in sports glasses. The most impact-resistant lenses are made of polycarbonate, although they can also be more costly. Although CR-39 lenses are lighter and provide superior optical clarity, they are less impact-resistant.
Most sports goods stores and internet vendors carry soccer glasses. It's crucial to get your sports glasses from a reputed online retailer like the one called as only then can you buy high-quality eyewear at rock-bottom prices.
Not all leagues demand the use of sports glasses. For players of all ages, especially those who are playing at a competitive level, sports glasses are an excellent idea.
The dangers of not using sports sunglasses include injury to the eyes, which is the most evident danger. Your eye might be seriously hurt if the ball, a player's boot, or their head collides with it. You also risk eye infection. Your eye might become infected if it sustains a scratch or scrape. Serious consequences, such as blindness, might result from this. Finally, you risk feeling uncomfortable. Playing soccer without sports glasses can be unpleasant. You might have to strain to see because of the wind and dust in the air.
Depending on the league, different regulations apply to the use of soccer glasses. However, the majority of leagues demand that your sports glasses be tightly fitting and have impact-resistant lenses. To reduce fogging, several leagues now mandate that sports glasses contain a ventilation system.

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