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Prescription Basketball Glasses & Goggles

Eye protection is essential for the basketball players as the game can get intense anytime. Eyewear Canada provides a collection of high-quality sturdy basketball goggles and glasses to protect you from any kind of eye injury. A well-fit sports goggles keep you confident with sudden moves you make on the court. Don't compromise with vision clarity or eye safety on the court if you are wearing corrective eyewear. Go with our prescription basketball goggles and continue giving your best performance. Browse through our new collection of basketball glasses available at affordable price.

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Basketball is intense and eye protection is essential. Combine the comfort and protection that’s found in basketball goggles and basketball glasses. Rather than risk coverage for aesthetic appeal, the best choice in basketball eyewear is a goggle-like frame with a strap to maintain optical alignment in the most intense of environments.


Sure, you might look a little different than your competition, but Kareem Abdul Jabbar did too, and that didn't stop him from scoring the most points in NBA history. You could argue that the protection he got from wearing his basketball goggles kept him in the game long enough to do so, but we won't take it that far.

Keep in mind, you'll want impact resistant lenses, you'll most likely need anti-fog coating for resisting inevitable perspiration, and we at EYEWEAR CANADA offer those and more! Our basketball glasses prescription and basketball goggles can be designed to fit you and your basketball prescription needs like a glove.


Need a pair of prescription basketball goggles or prescription basketball glasses? Don't let vision be your competitor's advantage. Step up your game with prescription basketball glasses and basketball goggles. See the basket, hit your shots, and compete with optimal vision on the court.

Our team of opticians is on call to answer any prescription questions you have, and we're here to work with you in creating a custom pair of prescription basketball glasses or goggles tailored to your specific needs.

Submitting your prescription with us is easy, too. When you check out, fax, email, or upload your up-to-date prescription. And if you don’t have it with you, do it later. We’ll email a reminder so you can get your new

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A Guide to Basketball Glasses

Basketball glasses are an essential item of basketball gear that has been popularized by many celeb basketball players like Thurl Baeily and Kurt Rambis – to name a few. Wearing these glasses can seem to be hard for those who have never worn them before. To help you overcome your doubts, this guide has spelled out the main factors you need to look at before choosing your next pair.

Prescription Basketball Glasses Canada FAQs

People who play basketball and need to fix their vision can get special basketball glasses made for them. These glasses combine the good things about clear vision and safety eyewear, so players can see the game well and keep their eyes safe.
Basketball requires a lot of physical activity, so prescription basketball glasses are made to handle that. They have strong frames, lenses that can take a hit, and a snug fit to protect against crashes and hits that could happen during games. They make your eyes safer and help you see better.
Yes, you can get a lot of basketball goggles with prescription lenses. These glasses are made to fit your eyes, so you won't need to wear different glasses or contacts to see well at games.
You should think about the quality of the lenses, how well they can handle being hit, how well they protect your eyes from UV rays, how comfortable the frame is, and how well it fits when picking basketball goggles. Look for goggles that help you see the best but don't make it hard for you to play well.
Basketball glasses that have prescription lenses can be used both inside and outside. Some types have anti-glare coatings and tinted lenses so they can be used in a variety of lighting situations. This makes sure you can see well and stay safe whether you're playing in a gym or outside.

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