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Large collection of men's eyeglasses in a range of styles. Eyewear Canada is the clear choice for reading glasses & prescription glasses for men. Shop now!

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Prescription Men's Eyeglasses

Men's Glasses: Improve your quality of life while boosting your confidence. Check out our more than 200 different frames created especially for men. Strong as well as durable, fashionable as well as romantic, or just physically good looking. Our specially crafted men’s frames can show off your handsome looks and boost your overall image. Shop for men's eyeglasses at, the online leader for Men's Eyeglasses, prescription lenses, and glasses at lower prices than most retail optical chains.

Men's Prescription Eyeglasses | Prescription eyeglasses online from CAD$29.00. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed. High-quality eyeglass lenses and fashion designer frames.

How to Choose the Right Men's Glasses at Eyewear Canada?

There is one important consideration that you need to keep in mind when choosing men's glasses. That is that you need to choose a frame shape that is the opposite of your facial structure. This will help create the right balance and will also make you look cool and attractive. So, if you have a round face, you should simply choose square or rectangular, or angular frames and if you have a square face, then you need to select a round frame. It is that simple. There are other factors that you also need to consider and these are described below.

Choose a frame shape that is the opposite of your facial shape

Other than choosing a men's glasses frame that is the opposite of the shape of your face, you also need to choose men's prescription eyeglasses that match the colour of your skin. You will either have a cool complexion or a warm complexion. For the former, you need to avoid certain colours that do not make you look good. The correct colours for a cool complexion are black and pink as well as silver and dark tortoise. You can also go with blue frames or purple and gray as well as mauve frames. For a warm complexion, you need to choose frames that are also warm-coloured. ideally, this means that you should go with a brown shade frame or you can think about wearing light tortoise or olive-green frames. Other colour options available to you when choosing men's prescription glasses include honey and gold as well as beige. Do not choose black coloured frames and also do not go for white or pastel colours as they won't flatter your appearance.

Choose a pair that matches your lifestyle

The next thing that you need to do when shopping online for your men's eyeglasses is to consider a pair that works well with your lifestyle. Depending on your daily activities and what you do when wearing your men's eyeglasses, you need to choose certain pairs while avoiding others. For example, if you lead an active lifestyle then you should choose frames that are bendable and which won't break easily when twisted. The most important factor is to choose men's eyeglasses online that offer the right functionality.

It pays to shop online

Men should also visit online stores to shop for their glasses. Keep in mind that what you wear on your face has a lot to say about your personality. This means that you need to choose men's glasses that show off your personality in the best manner possible. You can either be a fun-loving person in which case you need to choose men's eyeglasses that reflect such nature or if you are more professional, then you need to choose eyeglasses that reflect your profession in the best light. Be sure to choose a pair that matches your skin tone and which suits your face colour. Some men even go to the extent of buying an extra pair to suit different occasions and different moods.

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How do I buy the right men's glasses frames?

When choosing men's prescription glasses frames, you need to choose a pair that contrasts with the shape of your face. It should also add symmetry to your face and it should be of the right colour and course, it should also suit your personality, lifestyle, and personal tastes.

What kind of men's eyeglasses should I choose?

You can choose between wireframes or acetate frames. If you want to make the smart choice, you should go with basic wireframes as they are affordable and they will suit you well. If you want a more versatile frame, then you should go with acetate frames as they come in better designs and so, are a good option as well.

What are the most popular men's eyeglasses?

The most popular men's eyeglasses are those that have black rims. You will also love clear frames as well as classic brown-line frames. Other popular options include feather-light frames, retro-round frames, and frames that are made from eco-friendly materials.

How much do men's glasses cost?

It is possible to buy cheap men's glasses online. The right online shop will offer you a pair for a very affordable cost though the final cost depends on factors such as frame material and lens type as well as frame style.

What type of men's glasses will look good on me?

There are some very exciting options available to you when choosing men's glasses online. You can, for example, go with cat-eye frames as they will make you look young and attractive. Other than that, you can choose a coloured frame that is coloured in select areas such as the outer corners or upper parts. Such a pair will also make you look young and attractive.

When to choose a light frame?

If you are a man that needs to wear men's prescription glasses all the time, then you need to choose a light frame. Also, make sure that youselecte the frames carefully as a wrong choice here could end up making you look older than you are and that is not what you want. If you want to look younger, then you should choose cat-eye frames or upswept frames as they give your face a lift and will make you look more youthful. Do not wear aviators and frames with a downward sweep or heavy bottoms as they will make you look old. Choosing men's eyeglasses frames with a touch of colour is a good idea if you want to look young and exciting.

If you are going to wear your men's glasses for lengthy periods, then you should need to choose a frame that works as a good fashion accessory. If you are going to buy cheap men's glasses online, then make sure that you pick a pair that is not only affordable but which is also of good quality. How much you end up paying for men's prescription glasses depends on factors like frame material and lens type as well as style.

Can Eyewear Canada really cut its costs so much?

Yes, Eyewear Canada is in a very sound position to cut its costs to a minimum. This is because it manufactures its frames at its factory. That in turn means that it sells its eyewear to you directly without any middlemen. It also does not spend money on warehousing costs, rent, or employee salaries. It can therefore pass on these reduced costs to you through low-priced men's eyeglasses. It also has a wide selection of eyewear for you to choose from and each item sold at this site has to pass strict quality tests before it can be offered for sale. So, not only does it keep the costs down, but also its eyewear is of very good quality.